In Corporate
by Eurofragance

  • The workforce has grown by 14.4% to 254 employees.
  • The company has made large-scale investments with a CAPEX of €3.5 million.
Eurofragance, the specialised fragrance design and creation company, increased its turnover in 2016 by 9%, from €63.1 million in 2015 to €68.8 million in 2016. Eurofragance achieved these results through significant growth in its areas of expansion. The company boosted sales in the Asia Pacific and in America, geographical areas where it is making heavy investments. The Catalan firm has just opened a new factory in Singapore and it has ramped up production capacity at the plant in Mexico. To enable this expansion and market consolidation, Eurofragance has made large-scale investments with a total CAPEX amounting to €3.5 million.
Regarding the categories where Eurofragance works, Household did particularly well, growing by 56% in 2016. The company sees the Home Care segment as an opportunity for growth. In the meantime, the Fine Fragrances segment, the company’s core business, is continuing to give good results, with an improvement of 15%.
R&D continues to have an essential role in the development of Eurofragance. That is why the firm has been working on new formats and products that offer higher added value to customers, a strategy the company intends to maintain. In this regard, Eurofragance has increased the workforce by 14.4% to 254 employees, recruiting qualified staff for its four Creative Centres and its three production plants.