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by Eurofragance

Eurofragance has invested almost €1 million in the acquisition of new production machinery that, in conjunction with production efficiency improvements, will enable the company to double the production capacity of its automated area. The new machine acquired for the production plant in Rubí is the “Colibrí” robot, designed by Contexa SA, a Swiss engineering company leading in automatic essence and perfume dispensing equipment. It is the second of these robots in the world and is four times more productive than the company's current automated equipment. With the acquisition of the robot and the efficiency improvements that follow the Lean Method, the company reduces delivery times to customers by up to 35%, improving the service offered and the response capacity to its growing sales.

Colibri; 450 dosed syringes and dispenses all the components at the same time
The great innovation of this robot and its main advantage is that it automatically and simultaneously doses all the components of the formula. The Colibri robot is equipped with 450 syringes, which have been calibrated by technicians from Contexa, which supplied the robot. To ensure that it dispenses precisely the required dose of each raw material, the machine controls the density, volume and temperature of each and every ingredient in the formula. The machine went into production in October and will be fully operational by the end of the year. Eurofragance is still continuing to use its existing automated production equipment.