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by Eurofragance

Eurofragance is to launch its latest collection, “The Arabian Nights”, inspired by the beloved collection of stories from the “One thousand and One Nights”, at the Beautyworld Middle East international trade fair in Dubai. There are six fragrances in this collection, all inspired by legendary tales that date back to the Arab Middle Ages. One of these fragrances is inspired by the mythical city of Samarkand and the others by the leading characters in these traditional stories: Princess Sherezade, King Shariyar, Princess Budur, Prince Kamar Al-Zaman and the King of the Black Islands. According to Eurofragance, “Our perfumes are immersed in the books and inspired by the main roles and their imaginary ´ and they entice us ´to go back to a time of old kingdoms and mysterious palaces and to venture through a doorway into a long forgotten world.” 

What’s more, each of these fragrances will be associated with one of the six most visible constellations in the northern hemisphere during the days on which Beautyworld Middle East is to take place (26-28 May) to mark the occasion of the launch of ´The Arabian Nights´ fragrance collection. These constellations will create a visual connection with each fragrance and will appear on the packaging as a sign of identity. This will create a link between the stars that will be visible on the nights during which this trade fair takes place in Dubai and the Golden Age of Islam when the stories in ´One Thousand and One Nights´ were penned. Sherezade will be the Little Bear; Shariyar, Bootes; Samarkand, the Dragon; Budur, Corona Borealis. The constellation Lyra will be Kamar al-Zaman and the hero Hercules will be linked to the King of the Black Islands. 

Eurofragance will have a 111 m2 stand at the upcoming edition of Beautyworld Middle East, the most important international trade fair for beauty products, haircare, fragrances and well-being in the Middle East, a region where the company enjoys a prominent position. The event will take place from 26 to 28 May in Dubai and will feature more than 1,300 companies from the sector at what will be its 20th edition. 

A fragrance for each character from the ´One Thousand and One Nights”:

• Sherezade: As sensual and mysterious as the fairytale princess, this fragrance evokes a bouquet of dewy muguet and night blooming jasmine revealing the delicate heart of magnolia blossom, all laying in a warm base of musk, darkened by a hint of oud and cedarwood. It has been created by perfumist Júlia Rodríguez.

• Shariyar: King Shariyar strong character is represented for a powerful citrus spicy opening of bergamot, lemon, saffron and pink berries. The heart is softened by the floral heart of rose, jasmine, iris and muguet, as the heart of Shariyar is softened by Sherezade. The base makes a strong support of labdanum, amber, oudh and vetiver. Created by Olaf Larsen, a perfumist with a long professional career.

• Budur: Young and sweet like the princess who is the inspiration behind this fragrance. It has gourmand accords of ripe grapes, honey and wild pomegranate reveals a heart that blooms with jasmine and hibiscus blossom, enveloped by sandalwood, amber and vanilla orchid. Created by Bettina Perisson.

• Kamar Al-Zaman: A youthful, rebellious, powerful fragrance - just like the character who inspired it. An opening of lemon, saffron and neroli followed by aromatic and floral accords of muguet, rose and geranium. The drydown is a blend of leathery and ambery accords with cedarwood and guaiac wood and moss. It has also been created by Olaf Larsen.

• The King of the Black Islands: A dark perfume illuminated by a citrus opening; spiced up by a symphony of nutmeg, cardamom, saffron and pink pepper. Delicate jasmine lays over a woody heart of vetiver, revealing the warm drydown of benzoin, black vanilla orchid, patchouli and olibanum. Isabel Gil designed this fragrance.

• Samarkand: Subtle and enigmatic, the essence of rose petals is blended with saffron, cardamom and orris root. Walk by the streets feeling the heart of incense, sandalwood, vetiver and myrrh, supported by an amber veil. Soizic Beaucourt is responsible for this creation.