Capturing Sensations

Designing fragrances for a real consumers

When magic pervades our senses, we know we have captured all the sensations in a fragrance.
When we start on a new creation, we first imagine exactly where we want to get to and by combining raw materials given to us by nature, together with many other specialities filling our palette of ideas, we begin developing the product with enthusiasm and endeavour.
At the same time that they are following the express wishes of our customers, the smell of the base, technical limitations, recommendations and legal limitations. 

Our perfume experts in applications work from the start, on the concepts, benefits and peculiarities of the final bases of application.

The applications laboratories provide assessment to our customers regarding the formulation of perfumery,  cosmetic, hygiene and ambient perfumery products.
We subject our creations to accelerated stability tests under drastic conditions and we evaluate their response in real end use simulations.
Our panel of experts assess physical, chemical and organoleptic changes, which all these tests could cause on the end product.